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Halloween Alien Costume
Halloween Alien Costume
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Predator Costume - Alien Vs Predator Ref.: 889840std

Predator Costume - Alien Vs PredatorGod's & Monsters fancy dress
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This fantastic Predator Costume from the Aliens vs Predators fancy dress range is fully licensed by the original film. The Predator is a truly iconic character of modern day cinema, and the ferocious battles with Aliens as well as with humans has become legendary. Transform yourself into this fantastic and terrifying creature in this great costume.

Please note that on the picture illustrating this costume, the wearer is bearing a deluxe mask (on accessories) and not the mask that comes with the costume which is of different quality.

  • Jumpsuit with Attached Chest Piece
  • Shoulder Guard
  • Leg Guards
  • Belt
  • Hands
  • Character Mask

Customer Reviews

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  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 12 Apr 2013
  • Location: Newport
  • Rating: 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating

  • Excellent value for money
  • Pros: Authentic Looking, Fits Well, Comfortable
  • Best Uses: Costume Party
  • Bottom Line: Excellent value for money costume with lots of extra bits

  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 01 Mar 2013
  • Location: Brighton
  • Rating: 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating

  • If it Bleeds we can kill it
  • Pros: Lots of Fun, Fits Well, Comfortable
  • Cons: Velcro Easy Comes Undone
  • Best Uses: Costume Party, My Birthday
  • Bottom Line: Looks really good on very snug fit im using it for my fancy dress party so really chuffed with the final out look of it only downfall is its an all in one suit so not so good if you need the loo alot and the valcro that keeps all the accerories and suit together comes undone easily but you could add some clips to make it more secure

  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 28 Jan 2013
  • Location: London
  • Rating: 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating

  • Perfect for hunting in the jungle
  • Pros: Authentic Looking, Lots of Fun, Comfortable
  • Cons: For Small Builds
  • Best Uses: Costume Party, Trick Or Treating, Hunting Special Forces
  • Bottom Line: This was a fantastic costume overall. It's looked great, held together well and people loved it. It is for the smaller person, though, and it was very tight across the chest - it might be advisable to buy some black velcro strips to extend the shoulder armour straps if you are considering this for your event. It was a shame it didn't have a cloaking device, but I guess you can't have everything! I was very pleased with the purchace, and would recommend it.

  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 26 Jan 2013
  • Location: Hartlepool
  • Rating: 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating

  • Great Value
  • Pros: Lots of Fun, Comfortable, Fits Well
  • Cons: Modified It A Little -
  • Best Uses: Costume Party
  • Bottom Line: Was overall, very pleased with costume, had to modify the helmet a little. added 3 led's and painted it, also added predator dreadlocks using painted backer rod and some plumbing fitments, finished product was fantastic, even had people asking if they could have photos taken with me.
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  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 18 Jan 2013
  • Location: Kent
  • Rating: 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating

  • Out of this world
  • Pros: Authentic Looking, Unique, Comfortable
  • Best Uses: Just For Fun, Costume Party
  • Bottom Line: Absolutely fantastic costume, brilliant value for money! This is the whole costume with awesome detail on every part of it. The shoulder cannon and armour sit well and feel suprisingly rugged and solid. And the detail on the gloves and mask are really authentic, and work well with the bodysuit provided but you can easily swap and change bits where you choose and this site offered the costume 50% cheaper than other sites.

  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 11 Jan 2013
  • Location: Dublin
  • Rating: 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating

  • Brilliant!
  • Pros: Lots of Fun
  • Cons: Stiff Jummpsuit
  • Best Uses: Just For Fun, Costume Party, Wear To School/Work, Trick Or Treating
  • Bottom Line: I was most definately the envy of every Predator fan at the Heros/Villians costume party.... Not only did I linked the costume up with the Deluxe Mask, as the one with this costume is a poor comparison, but got a mate to build a sound board with all the unique sounds of Predator... Outstanding!!! Would recommend Hands Down - Great Site... Fantastic Value... Would Defo use again!

  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 08 Jan 2013
  • Location: South West
  • Rating: 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating

  • Good Costume - needs slight adjustments
  • Pros: Authentic Looking
  • Cons: Irregular Fit
  • Best Uses: Just For Fun, Trick Or Treating, Costume Party
  • Bottom Line: Great costume but needs safety pins at the back as the velco is not man enough to hold. I ended up using safety pins to hold armour and belt etc on as didnt feel like it would stay all night! Saying that, the costume got some great comments and I was happy with my buy and would recommend as long as people have lots of safety pins!!!!

  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 17 Nov 2012
  • Location: Armed forces Germany
  • Rating: 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating 5 Star rating

  • Bringing the costume to the movies
  • Pros: Authentic Looking, Unique, Mental
  • Best Uses: Costume Party, Trick Or Treating
  • Bottom Line: We have a Christmas party at work and the theme is tv and film, predator was an iconic film from when I was growing up and to be honest one of the best films going. This costume lets me be part of the film. For what I paid for the costume you get a lot for your money, the jump suit is hardened and feels very strong and the shoulder parts and mask add the realistic touch. I find only one problem with the jump suit and that's the toilet problem where I would have to take the suit off just to go toilet. Apart from that it is ace

  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 27 Oct 2012
  • Location: Brighton
  • Rating: 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating

  • Great Predator Outfit
  • Pros: Lots of Fun
  • Best Uses: Costume Party
  • Bottom Line: Outfit is a little big, but will be great for fancy dress parties. The plastic parts are a bit smelly, but sure this will go in time.

  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 21 Oct 2012
  • Location: Gillingham, Kent
  • Rating: 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating

  • Looks great!!
  • Pros: Authentic Looking
  • Best Uses: Trick Or Treating, Costume Party
  • Bottom Line: The Predator costume looks authentic and comes with all the necessary parts. Bought it for a charity Halloween party coming up and can't wait to wear it! On trying it on the only con I'd say is that there isn't enough fastening Velcro down the back of the suit. Nothing a good pin or so won't cure. The mask also has a handy hole at the mouth so at least a straw can fit through making drinking easier while staying in character.

  • Reviewed by:
  • Date: 02 Oct 2012
  • Location: Cheshire
  • Rating: 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating 4 Star rating

  • A good way to scare your friends!
  • Pros: Comfortable, Lots of Fun, Unique
  • Cons: Irregular Fit
  • Best Uses: Scare Your Friends, Costume Party
  • Bottom Line: Overall I thought this was quite a good product but I did find a few issues as I am quite a slim man so not all of the accessories fit correctly (namely the belt and plasmacaster). This was easily rectified with some simple modifications using a hot glue gun and some velcro strips which only took me a couple of minutes to complete. The overall effect was quite good as I managed to get my quite manly housemate to scream like a little girl when I jumped out on him (much to my amusement). I think the accessories you get with this costume really do make the world of difference (what self respecting predator doesn't at least have a plasmacaster) as they complete look I was after and bring a bit more realism to the costume as a whole. I did although have problems with the mask and gloves that come with this costume. The gloves are of a good quality and very sturdy but seem to be made for a giant which made wearing them quite difficult (especially after a drink or three). Also the rubber material used is not very breathable so I wouldn't advise wearing them all night. The problem I had with the mask was that it was pretty flimsly and it just didn't fit my head properly, but this was of little consequence to me as I also ordered the amazing predator deluxe mask from this site. (which I highly recommend) In conclusion I think this is a great product and after a couple of little tweaks and maybe the deluxe mask as well you will be the best dressed at any fancy dress party and ready to scare friend and foe alike.

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